Daily Devotionals


23 May – 25 May

Welcome to this season of prayer and fasting.

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He taught them what is now famously known as the Lord’s Prayer. This was never meant as a quick prayer to mindlessly recite over and over again, but rather, was a rich model or framework to use, to ensure that our prayers were God-focused and wisdom-filled. It gives us some great ingredients for our prayer times, including worship, petition, intercession and declaration. This prayer has stood the test of time and is still a brilliant model for modern-day disciples to follow. Over the next three days we’re going to unpack the prayer, line by line, and pray through it.  

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Finally, I want to share part of a prophetic word that one of our intercessors had recently:

The month of May – a month of miracles! I’m believing we’re going to see an acceleration in the move of the Holy Spirit, breaking out in many varied ways. Expectancy is a key – see it come into being before it comes.’  

Let’s believe that the Lord is going to hear us and do mighty things as we pray the Jesus way with faith and expectancy.  


Dave Smith
Senior Pastor

Wednesday 25 May – Day 3: Matthew 6:13

We know that God will not tempt us to sin because it’s not in His Holy nature, so this part of the prayer is a plea for God to protect us and to guide us around situations or circumstances that may lure us into ungodly action. ‘Temptation’ sometimes refers to trials and hardships, and although God can use suffering in our lives to produce godly character, it’s not wrong to ask Him to minimise it. When we pray to be delivered from evil, we’re recognising our limited ability to resist the devil in our own strength. We can only stand against temptation, avoid sin, and defeat the devil by asking for the wonderful power and presence of the Lord to help us. When we declare God’s power and glory on the earth, we can trust that Jesus will make all things new, bringing peace and justice when He comes again. All the honour belongs to Him and at his feet every knee will bow.  

for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one.
– JAMES 1:13b ESV

I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.
– JOHN 17:15

   Quotable Quotes

When that glorious day comes, sin and death will be destroyed, and Satan will be banished. All the strife and hatred and suffering and death that twist and scar this world will vanish, and the Lord’s Prayer will be fulfilled: God’s will WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven.

– Dr Billy Graham

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   Prayer points:

  • Thank God that He is the Lord who sanctifies, who sets us apart to live holy lives, which brings honour to His holy Name. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you today - make a fresh commitment to align your life with His Word and to walk in the Spirit at all times.
  • God is also the Lord our Healer, so if you need physical healing or setting free from emotional or spiritual oppression, spend some time declaring the truth of who your heavenly Father is, and that His will for you is to be whole and healed. Ask the Lord for peace and wellbeing and that you will walk in the freedom that Jesus bought for you on the cross.

  • Pray that, as a church, we would have a fresh revelation of the power of declaring God’s kingdom here on the earth as we praise, worship and intercede.

  • Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for signs, wonders and miracles to be released in our homes, our communities, in our spheres of influence and across the nation(s).





  • If you know there are areas in your life where you need a breakthrough, why not come along to our Freedom Day on Saturday 18 June. This is a great opportunity to hear the truth of God’s Word, which sets us free, as well as having an opportunity to receive prayer and ministry.


The terrors of war are playing out very vividly before our eyes as we witness the atrocities in countries like Ukraine, Syria and Yemen. Jesus has given us authority over the evil powers and principalities that have been unleashed and are behind these atrocities. Bind those powers, in Jesus’ Name and declare that God’s kingdom will come and for His will to be done.

Let’s finish by proclaiming, ‘For Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen’.

Tuesday 24 May – Day 2: Matthew 6:11-12

The first, and most obvious, meaning of this request is that God would sustain us physically – remember God’s provision of manna that was given every day in the desert during the exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land (see Exodus 16:9-13). This does not mean that we expect God to literally rain down manna from heaven, but that we understand that He is the one who makes our work fruitful, sometimes even meeting our physical needs in miraculous ways. But it is not just about our physical needs. God has already met our greatest spiritual need, that of forgiveness and restoration. As we experience God’s gracious forgiveness in our own lives, we are empowered to forgive those who have wronged us. This is vitally important because there is a crucial link between us forgiving others and experiencing God’s forgiveness for ourselves. He fulfils our spiritual needs because He is the bread that satisfies our spiritual hunger. When we ask God for daily bread, we are humbly acknowledging Him as the sole giver of everything we need - spirit, soul and body.

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

   Quotable Quotes

Praying the Lord’s Prayer forces us to look for things to thank and praise God for in our dark times, and it presses us to repent and seek forgiveness during times of prosperity and success.

– Tim Keller
Pastor and Theologian

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   Prayer points:

  • Honour (hallow) the name of the Lord our provider, particularly in the light of the economic challenges that many are facing. Bring any material and physical needs to the Lord, remembering to cast all your cares on Him, because He cares for you. Make a fresh commitment to put God first and to honour Him with your tithes and offerings, knowing that He promises to supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus, (see Philippians 4).

  • Pray for the work and ongoing provision of the local Foodbanks and our Community Action ministries – that people will not just have their physical needs met but that many will encounter the love of God through the staff and volunteers who are helping. The Food Pantry being set up in Peterborough, is a new initiative. Please pray that the team will build good relationships with the families coming in and that lives will be transformed though this project.

  • Pray for the refugee families being resettled in our cities; that the children settle quickly into school and make friends, that parents find employment and they quickly build supportive friendships.  

  • Repent and say sorry for any sin or unforgiveness that is blocking your relationship with the Lord or with others. Declare that the Lord our Righteousness has broken the power of sin and death over our lives, and that we can live in peace with Him, ourselves and those around us.





  • Ask God how you can be a channel of His provision in someone else’s life. Be open to obey a Holy Spirit prompt to release some of your resources into someone else’s life.

  • Can you support any local community action projects? For example, could you volunteer for a few hours a month at your local Foodbank? Have you got good quality furniture that you could donate to charities who are helping to resettle refugees? Click below to find out more.



Today, the world stands on the brink of unprecedented famines. About 30 million people are experiencing alarming hunger including countries like Madagascar, Yemen, South Sudan and Afghanistan. Please support and pray for the charities and aid agencies who are facing overwhelming challenges as they respond to the humanitarian catastrophe that these countries are facing. To find out more, head to their website.


Monday 23 May – Day 1: Matthew 6:9-10

To address God as ‘Father’ would have been completely revolutionary when Jesus first taught it. But here He is encouraging the disciples to come boldly before a holy, awesome God - the creator of the universe, and address Him in a very personal way. Today, we, too, can have access into the presence of God and enjoy the closeness of a very personal relationship with our heavenly Father. To ‘hallow’ His name means to greatly revere and honour it. So, although we can have intimacy with God, it’s important to come boldly but with reverence and awe, too. In the Old Testament, God’s name was revealed as Yahweh, which is now translated in our English Bibles as The Lord. Within this name, many facets of God’s character and Lordship is revealed. During the next few days, we’re going to call on those names and see the wonderful presence of God, Himself, come among us. The greatest privilege we have is that through Jesus we can know God as our Father.   

God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM… This is my name forever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.
– EXODUS 3:14-15 NIV

   Quotable Quotes

For everything that Christ taught, everything that makes the New Testament better than the Old, everything that is distinctively Christian, is summed up in the knowledge of the Fatherhood of God.

– J.I. Packer
(Theologian and author)

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   Prayer points:

  • Think about all the wonderful names of God (see p.21 of the Prayer Shield) and thank God that He is the Lord our shepherd, who guides us and gives us security. He’s the Lord our banner who brings protection. He is always there, and we can know His wonderful presence and power. Bring before your heavenly Father any situations that need these facets of His character to be manifested in your life.

  • Make a fresh commitment today to surrender yourself into the loving and trustworthy care of the Lord, enabling you to declare Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, secure in the knowledge that He knows what is best for you. Declare the kingdom of God to come into your family, the church and your community.

  • Pray for all those currently doing Alpha – that they would know God, not as a distant deity but as their loving, heavenly Father who knows them, cares for them and loves them.

  • Pray for all our KingsGate children and youth – that they would know God as their heavenly Father and that they’d have a fresh revelation of His deep love and compassion for them. Pray that they would walk in the plans and purposes God has for them and that they’d stand out and shine as lights in their families, with their friends and in their places of education.





  • Do you have a heart to see our young people flourish and grow in their walk with the Lord? If so, why not consider serving in one of our Sunday youth or kids’ teams! This is a great opportunity to invest in the next generation, to help leave a legacy, not just in their lives but in the generations to follow. To find out more head to kingsgate.church/serve    

Pray for believers around the world who are being persecuted for their faith. Pray for their protection and provision in every circumstance. Pray for miraculous signs and wonders, and for angelic visitations to help strengthen them, particularly for those who are alone and isolated. For more information about how to pray for the persecuted church go to Open Doors. Pray particularly for Ukrainian believers, that as they face the horrors of war, they would find peace, comfort and hope, and that they’d be able to share the source of their strength with others.