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Our vision is to see young people’s lives transformed by the power of God’s love.

Meet the Team




Phil Timson – Senior Youth Pastor

Born: Way too long ago, back in 1975. I still feel like I’m 18 though!

When did you join the KG staff?
May 2018

Interesting fact about yourself:
I love young people, evangelism and Chocolate. I love to bodyboard in Cornwall all year round.

Previous career:
Youth Director for HOPE

Anything else you would want to mention:
I am also the founder and Director of the HOPE Revolution Peterborough Charity. I have a gorgeous wife called, Emma, and two amazing girls Annabella and Sophie. Also, a little cockapoo called Sammy ;)



Youth Events







Ignite (School years 7-12) - Sunday 10:30am

If you’re in school years seven to twelve, why not join us on a Sunday morning to hang out, and look at the big questions of life? Each Ignite session - containing small group discussions, video clips, and interactive illustrations - is put together to help you live your life to the max!

We are passionate about what we believe, and want to learn how to demonstrate God’s love to those around us.

Info for Parents


Info for Parents

What’s KingsGate Youth all about?

We want to support and encourage every young person, wherever they’re at on their journey with God. We believe God has a plan and a purpose for their lives and that they have, in the hands of God, a great future to look forward to.

Are all the events supervised?

All of our programmes are supervised and overseen by our team of adult leaders. Our team have undergone DBS checks and agreed to work under our Child Protection Policy. Our aim is not only to create a fun, positive atmosphere at all of our events, but also create a safe and secure environment, where young people are supported and cared for.

Does my child need a consent form for events?

For events such as socials and Sunday mornings we will take down your contact details in case we need to get hold of you, however a consent form is not needed. A consent form will be needed for trips outside of the church building and when we require a payment.

Are the leaders professionally qualified?

All of our leaders are highly valued and are provided with regular training opportunities. Although some of them may not be Youth Workers by profession, they take it just as seriously, and many have Youth Worker qualifications.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Phone the Church Office from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday on: 01733 311156
Email the Youth Department at: youth@leicester.kingsgateuk.com




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