Meet the Team

  • Nathan Ferris

    Current Role: Pastor in Training
    What I'm passionate about: Chance the Rapper (I am the proud owner of a ‘3’ cap), CrossFit (yep, I’m THAT guy), the Church (let’s be honest, it would be worrying if I wasn’t)
    Interesting fact: I actually love facts. My recently discovered favourite is that the owner of the company which make Segways died by accidentally riding a Segway off a cliff.

  • Laura Baird

    Current Role: Young Adults Group Pastor
    What I'm passionate about: Food! Eating it, cooking it, everything about it.
    Interesting fact: The surname Baird originates from Scotland and we have our own Tartan.

  • Sarah Frost

    Current Role: Young Adults Group Pastor
    What I'm passionate about: Learning new things, doesn’t matter what, I just love new information! Laughing is also very important… The kind of laughter that makes you feel like you have done a work out! There is also a special place in my heart for cheese.
    Interesting fact: I have delivered over 500 babies and been given the privilege of naming three of them!

  • Nathan Godfrey

    Current Role: Young Adults Group Pastor
    What I'm passionate about: My wife and son, football, board games, God, his church...and talking about all of the above.
    Interesting fact: I'm a diesel engines performance engineer, working for Caterpillar, but wouldn't have a clue about how to fix your car!

  • Dave Charlton

    Current Role: Young Adults Worship Team Leader
    What I'm passionate about: Huskies and Alsatians, others who are equally passionate about coffee, and seeing people encounter the living God through music.
    Interesting fact: I love coffee! I have been called a coffee snob before, it’s a fairly accurate description.

  • Michael Withers

    Current Role: Placement Student
    What I'm passionate about: Admin, organisation, nice pens, Jesus, and exploring new places (not necessarily in that order)
    Interesting fact: I always love to be learning something new, at the moment, I’m teaching myself brush font hand lettering.

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