Internship at KingsGate is a great way to invest a year of your life to discover your destiny and pursue the purpose that God has for you. You will be encouraged to grow through serving and learning in a multitude of ways that will engage with the frontline of mission and ministry at KingsGate.

“Internship at KingsGate is an incredible opportunity to serve God by serving in and through the local church. It’s a year in which you’ll be challenged and equipped in the context of community, you’ll be invested in by a host of outstanding leaders, your character will be developed, and your skill set will grow. If you want to be set up well for a lifetime of devotion and transformation, Internship is for you!”
– Galia, Student

What's involved

You will have a mentor and a supportive community of interns who will walk with you and inspire you to grow with Jesus. Internships are available in all of our KingsGate Centres across a whole range of departments.

The internship year starts in September and applications are invited from anyone who will be at least 18 years old by the start of the course.

If you have further questions or need clarification please contact the internship rep at your nearest KingsGate Centre or email

“The Internship has been the best move I've made in getting trained for involvement in the church. I have been stretched, challenged and continue to be formed into a more equipped leader.”
– James, Student

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