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In 2015 we sensed God challenge us to play our part - together in unity with many other great churches and ministries - to see the UK turn to God. As the capital city, London is hugely significant both in terms of size and influence. There are encouraging signs of church growth within the city, and we want to play our part by launching a KingsGate centre here.

Over the next couple of years we'll be praying, preparing, identifying leaders, raising finances, finding venues, starting LifeGroups, training teams and running monthly celebrations before launching Sunday services.

We're excited at this amazing prospect!

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Prayer is a key value here at KingsGate, and we believe that much of the blessing we’ve seen over the years is a direct result of our commitment to pray. The more we press forward in serving the Kingdom of God, seeing lives transformed, the deeper our foundations in prayer need to be.

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At KingsGate we are called to reach out from our neighbourhoods to the nations and we are passionate about fulfilling that call.

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